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Three Semesters


24 Weeks

Enrollment Starts on June 1st

August - February

Once a week/1.5 hrs


10-12 Weeks

Enrollment Starts on Dec. 1st

March - May

Once a week/1.5 hrs


3 Weeks

Enrollment Starts  Feb. 1st


4 times a week/1.5 hrs

Your complete package

  • Comprehensive Pre Assessment

  • Teacher Created Curriculum/Workshop Model

  • Weekly Student Reflection Progress Report 

  • Mid State Aligned Report Card

  • End of the Course State Aligned Report Card 

  • Access to Enrichment Vocabulary 

  • Access to Google Grammar Assessment

  • Access to Google Digital Journal Entry Practice

  • Full configuration with your email to get live updates

10 Writing Courses

Creative Course

Expository Course

Persuasive Course

Argumentative Course

Biography Course

Opinion Course

Descriptive Course

Career Course

Summary Course

Compare/Contrast Course

*Differentiated courses are available for elementary,

middle school, and high school students. 

*Lessons are taught using a linear model to allow students to master the structure and strategies associated with the writing genre.

How do I enroll?

Step 1

Step 2

 Step 2:  Decide on taking writing or College preparation Courses


Step 3

 Step 3:  Decide whether you want private, form your own group with friends, or have SWC form a group for you.


Step 4

 Step 4:  Contact Mr. You for rates (909) 609-6242


Step 5

 Step 5:  Enroll for the semester you are  interested in.  Fall/Winter / Spring / Summer


Contact Us


*If you would like to have a private consultation to get additional information, please fill out the New Parent Orientation Form.

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